Debbie Fins presents programs on caregiving and planning statewide for various organizations. Debbie and Susan Ritz both present to practitioners and laypersons on issues regarding Aging Life Care™ Management, planning, caregiving, end-of-life care, and other relevant topics. Debbie has also provided clinical supervision to professionals seeking social work licensure and is often sought as a mentor by other Aging Life Care Professionals®. She has taught certification training sessions on Entitlements, Benefits and Legal Issues for the National Academy of Certified Care Managers

Among Debbie’s recent presentations:

  • ABC’s of Elder Care — What’s Out There to Help You Stay at Home?
  • Advanced Planning for Your Business — What to Do If There’s an Emergency?
  • Appealing a Discharge Plan or Denial of Insurance Coverage
  • Basic Benefits — Overview of Subsidized Services for Frail Elders in the Community and How to Access
  • Caring for Elders — The Role of the Jewish Community
  • Choosing a Nursing Home
  • Consultation and Program Development
  • Conversations that Matter — Planning for End of Life Care
  • Family Care Contracts
  • Making Difficult Decisions as Caregivers  — One Family’s Journey in Caregiving
  • Making Medical Decisions for Others
  • Siblings Caring for Parents
  • Stresses of Caregiving
  • Supporting Families Facing Alzheimer’s
  • What is an Aging Life Care Professional®?